12 Month warranty applies to all cartridges we sell. Warranty covers any cartridge fault for this time. Warranty starts from date of invoice not from the date you install the cartridges we therefore recommend only purchasing the qty you need and can use completely within 12 months. Refunds are limited to the cost of the product, refunds are not extended to cover any subsequent loss that may occour from delayed deliveries or failed products.

Cartridges faulty:

Try removing all cartridges, unplugging the printer for 5mins then reinstalling the cartridges if they are not recognised, if they are printing poorly ensure the ink flow tabs are removed and you have complete an automated head clean, if the problem persists;

- Complete the return/credit request form (class 1) to obtain a replacement or credit towards other or Genuine cartridges.

- You must provide the batch numbers

- You must attach print sample if the cartridges are printing poorly (not required if cartridges not recognised)

- If we need you to send the cartridges back (not always required for a credit) we will reimburse the return postage charge.

- Restocking fees do NOT apply

You ordered the wrong cartridges:

- Complete the return request form (class 2)

- You must return the cartridges to us at your expense.

- 10% restocking fee applies


We sent the wrong cartridges:

- Complete the return request form (class 3)

- We will pick up the cartridges in most cases, where not possible return postage costs will be reimbursed.

- Restocking fees do NOT apply

- As soon as we receive the return we will immediately send the correct cartridges